Beauty And The Dynamics Of Excellent Posture

It originates from the Latin bellus and beatus, with the feminine form evolving into belle and the masculine form evolving into beau.  In the 15th century, the English word “Beautiful” eventually started to be used.  Some related terms to beauty that we use include: elegant, graceful, happy, blessed, aliveness, vitality, radiance, pulchritude and attractiveness.

At times we relate to our beauty based on how our own light is reflected back to us from other individuals in our lives.  Even as children, when we are welcomed into our communities and families, our very own light shines.  We are welcomed, we welcome their feedback, and once again we shine our own light.  Therefore, beauty is an energy exchange that takes place within a positive feedback loop.

Physics teaches us that energy takes up space and has mass.  To create a conduit or space for energy inside our bodies; the body needs to be open and have freedom of movement, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Beauty is responsive and dynamic.  If an attractive woman or man has a self-destructive habit or attitude, that will detract from how beautiful they are.   An attractive person’s beauty is diminished if they have poor body alignment.  Rigidity and clumsiness distract beauty from being expressed.

From an aesthetic sense, we can say an individual has a beautiful nose due to it being symmetrical and well-shaped.  However, a nose in and of itself isn’t beautiful until it is compared with other facial features like the cheekbones, mouth and eyes.  We now can see how beauty can be a byproduct of movement, alignment, balance and symmetry.  Therefore great posture is a critical aspect of true beauty.

Maybe you have even seen a statue that, even though it was inanimate, displayed radiance, balance and symmetry in posture or color features.  Perhaps we remember a rock formation, flower or tree that resonates with something deep inside.  This beauty makes us feel intrigued, comforted and inspired.  In one way or another we are affected.

What is appealing as beauty involves the way that energy and light are reflected within the eye of the beholder.  Those human characteristics that distinguish beauty are spirit, body, mind, character, movement and symmetry.

The following are some indications of beauty and great posture for women and men:

Straight toes with balanced arches.  Toes remain centered and straight even during swing as well as push-off while striding.  The legs are straight (and not knock-kneed or bowed) and kneecaps face forward.  The whole pelvis moves within a gyroscope wave pattern (Back – Front, Left – Right, Up – Down)in order to balance the upper body’s weight on its central axis whenever you are walking.  The pelvis’ gyroscopic movement functions also to swing the legs away from one another during the weight transfer process – from Right – to Left feet and legs.

Special Note Relating To Frame Size and Height:

A man’s pelvis is taller from Top to Bottom and narrower from Left to Right, compared to a female’s pelvis.  Therefore, the visual representation of a regular pelvis moment on a female will be much more dramatic.  It is more like that a man who has the same gyroscopic movement will be considered not “effeminate” and “smooth.”  When viewed from the sides, the waist line is level and perpendicular Front to Back, and when seen from the front is level from Left to Right.

For women and men, the rib cage has a wide appearance at the top and is open, due to the shoulders and arms, are hanging in back of the mid line of the body.  The shoulder blades, from the back view, are around one thumb width apart from the body’s spine.  The top part of the upper back and top of chest are level from Front to Back.

Mostly For Women: The weight and size of the front part of the body, from the side view, (including the front part of the thighs, torso, breasts and head) appear to be balanced visually with derriere and arms weight.  Actual weight and size don’t matter.  It appears that the neck leads directly up from the rib cage in order to evenly balance the head from Front to Back.  The jawbone in motion is symmetrical from Left to Right.

The pelvis and arms swing in order to keep the body balanced on its dynamic central axis.  Whenever this happens, it appears as though the head is riding through space, in great posture’s dynamic dance, which is synonymous with what makes an individual, female or male, beautiful to behold, and radiant with personality, charm and character.  If course, beauty is attractive and a natural instinct.  To feel blessed, feel happy and be beautiful is a natural instinct as well.

Unfortunately, frequently the realities of living can cause us to collapse our posture and distort our natural beauty in order to accommodate others professional, cultural and social expectations.

The collapse in attitude, or its expectation, can even happen on quite a grand scale.  How often do we see ethnically similar people, be very different culturally?  Chinese American, Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan?  Brooklyn, West Africa or Barbados?  New Orleans, Montreal or France?

Even in a social or professional environment, we might know someone who needs to express a different aspect of their individual personality so that they can co-exist in the situation.  It isn’t necessarily a bad or good thing.  The point is, whenever one’s body is fully expressive and flexible, the person’s inner beauty really comes out.

Whenever our professional, cultural and family expectations allow us to express our real beauty, then it can be an asset for the whole world.  Whenever we thoroughly know ourselves and confidently accept ourselves, it is possible to be beautiful, even when it’s just to ourselves.  Whenever our body is responsive and flexible to movement, weight, size and gravity, it is possible to have excellent posture.

An individual who is truly beautiful loves and knows themselves and lets their inner beauty become an asset to themselves, their family, community, nation and global community.  This all leads to one point: Great posture allows you to energy your light so that it can shine wherever you happen to go.  Having peace of mind lets your body be free of self-doubt and inhibition.

The movement, geometry and symmetry of great posture is sacred.  Whenever your rib cage and chest is open, and your shoulders are back, your lungs and heart have maximum space for respiration and inspiration.  The word root “spire” for both of those terms can also suggest expanding the capacity of the spirit to enter the soul and body.  Natural beauty measures this capacity, and creates movement, flexibility and excellent posture.  Finally, it is well worth investing your resources, energy and time into developing and restoring one’s beauty both inside and outside.


Learn How To Get Rid Of Tinnitus

Like many other health issues, tinnitus is often resolved by working with a medical professional, however, depending upon how severe this condition is, the problem could be better resolved with natural remedies as opposed to spending precious money and time on numerous medical appointments and treatments.  If you’re here because you have ringing in your ears, you have discovered the answer to how how to get rid of tinnitus.

There are three alternative ways of resolving this problem without the use of prescription drugs and these alternatives could work for you.  Certain vitamins can help heal tinnitus.  Another options is biofeedback.  An extract from the periwinkle flower called vinpocetine has proven to be helpful in resolving numerous ailments concerning the head, including tinnitus.  The method that will prove best for you will depend on how severe your issue is and on how long you’ve waited to seek treatment.

Although the cause for some forms of tinnitus can be easily identified, such as extraordinarily loud sounds that harm the ears, this is a condition that can develop without warning and stay around, making it hard for the individual and for the people who are close o this person.  Early intervention and treatment are the key to beating this disruptive illness.

Apart from loud and sudden noise, extremely high stress levels are also associated with tinnitus.  If stress is a major issue for you, then learning how to effectively manage your stress could lessen the severity of your tinnitus.  Biofeedback is a supportive solution that calms the body and mind and alleviates stress.

Biofeedback works by teaching people methods for controlling their own reactions to the symptoms that tinnitus can induce.  Through the use of biofeedback, it will even be possible to control the temperature of your body and lower your heart rate, which will in turn, relax your muscles and make tension abate.

Biofeedback for tinnitus treatments employs the use of sound through electromyography.  As you listen to a special audio tone, there will be less tension in your muscles and the ringing in your ears will be less intense.

Studies performed on vinpocetine, the extract from the periwinkle plant, shows that this extract can promote improved blood circulation and neurological functioning. It also protects against brain damage.  Due to this fact, it is additionally used to treat tinnitus.  Vinpocetine has annimpact on the body and the brain that is similar to that of Ginkgo Biloba.  Known for their ability to improve memory and for their anitoxidant properties, both Vinpocetine and Ginkgo Biloba alike can reduce blood pressure.

Each of these natural supplements have proven to be effective in tinnitus treatments, but Ginkgo Biloba has been studied more extensively than vinpocetine.  While the reports have been optimistic, this research is still ongoing and the results are not yet set in stone.

There are many vitamins and minerals that are also believed to be effective in treating tinnitus.  Vitamin E, A, B5, B6 and B12 along with choline are some of the supplements that could help you permanently clear your tinnitus.

Fluids within the ears can be stabilized by B vitamins. Taking 50mg of B vitamins twice daily could have a significant impact.  You can also increase your vitamin B intake by eating foods that are high in Vitamin B.  This nutrient is found in bananas, apples, eggs, numerous vegetables and in dairy products.

If vitamin deficiency is the cause of tinnitus, you might need to add more Vitamin A to your diet.  This can be found in berries, carrots, cantaloupe, leafy green vegetables, some types of fish and oranges.

If oxygen is not being moved through the system in an optimal fashion, you could be suffering from a Vitamin E deficiency.  Vitamin E assists the blood in carrying oxygen and thus, when people do not get sufficient amounts of Vitamin E, both the brain and the ears could become incapable of proper functioning.  Eggs, fish, grains and beans are all good sources of Vitamin E.


Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Did you know that oral hygiene is not just about having a beautiful smile and being able to properly eat the foods you want? Many people think this is all brushing, flossing, and caring for your teeth is good for, but there are actually a number of more important reasons why you should be keeping up with your teeth. Failure to properly maintain good oral health can lead to intestinal failure, heart disease, and indigestion. Infections of the gums and mouth can also have adverse effects and cause you a lot of pain and grief.

Taking a trip to your family dentist is a necessity and should be done on a regular basis. The link between your oral and physical health is strong. A regular dental checkup can help detect any problems that may be going on in your mouth including cavities all the way up to abnormal cell growths.

Dental x-rays are beneficial and performed because they help the dentist determine if there is any bone loss or if osteoporosisis present. Research studies have been able to link 90% of systematic diseases to oral conditions. For example, gum disease, dry mouth, and ulcers can actually be signs of oral cancer, kidney problems, diabetes, and even leukemia. Bleeding gums accompanied with bad breath can mean diabetes and a jaw that is hurting you can be an indicator of a heart attack.

With all of these health problems linked to your oral hygiene, your dentist is a primary source in helping to diagnose any problems you may have. They can also help prevent diseases from developing or catch them in just enough time to ward off a serious health problem.

When going in for your mesa dental appointment, you will want to let the dentist know about your medical background and supply a copy of your medical records. This will allow him to truly assess your situation. You should even keep him updated when something changes in your health even if it is not oral related. To receive the best possible dental care, you should find a dentist that is credible, licensed, and reputable. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors who they recommend and visit online business directories to read reviews to see what others are saying. The dentist you choose will play an important role in your health care so do not risk choosing an under-qualified one.

Practicing great oral care is vital to maintaining your oral and physical health. It is recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. Preventative dental services will help detect any oral problems and keep you in great health.