Repairing Water Damaged Concrete Foundations

While humans thrive on water for our daily needs, it can have damaging effects on our homes and businesses. Water is actually one of the most damaging elements to our personal property. If not contained and treated water damage can take its toll on your personal finances over the years in the form of costly repairs.

Once you are aware of any damage that has been caused by leaks or flooding it is imperative to get it treated and repaired. One of the best ways to get your home or business repaired is with the aid of a concrete waterproofing expert. Experts in this field will not only be able to repair current damages, but will be able to get you prepared for the future and protect your investment. They will show you how to further treat your property and give you the tips to keep up the maintenance of your concrete foundation.

Once water has infiltrated your property it can lead to the expansion of the concrete as well as discoloration and cracks. Whole these can be hazardous to your property water damage also leads to the proliferation of mold. Mold is a life-threatening element to have in one’s property and a solution needs to be found quickly. While your health has to be the primary concern associated with leaking concrete you have a responsibility to your property as well. As you can see there are several reasons you have to take leaking and flooding seriously.

comignoloIn order to protect your properties concrete foundation better you have several solutions available to you. Two of the primary methods involve the use of sealants: penetrating and coating. A coating sealant simply forms a protective barrier over the concrete and keeps the foundation dry. Penetration sealants enter into the concrete and seal it. The bonus with penetration sealers is they do not alter the appearance of the concrete. Either method is very easy to apply to the foundation and simply needs to be reapplied in the future to guarantee protection.

Many property owners have begun to use a technique known as crystalline waterproofing. This another easy method while it may sound more complex. The crystalline compounds simply react with air and water and begin to fill in all the gaps and cracks within the foundation.

If you have access to a paintbrush, roller or even a spray gun you can take advantage of the waterproofing technique membrane.

However, of all these methods and techniques there are few that are easier than cementitious waterproofing. This is simply the process of taking adhesives, water, and cement-based products and repairing the foundation. Next we will look at doing your concrete kerbing.


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