Scrapbooking During The Holidays – Giving The Gift Of Memories

During the holidays, family and friends spend most of their time thinking about the good days gone by as well as creating new memories. The best gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day and other special holidays isn’t a new plasma TV, car, Play Station or other such things; it is the gift of good memories. Most people have quite a number of photos and mementos lying around in their homes, some even gathering dust and cobwebs.

Scrapbooking makes it possible for people to put together pictures, postcards, matchbooks and other memorabilia in an album that will forever be treasured. Both the maker/giver and the recipient stand to benefit greatly from this gift.

A scrapbook is the kind of gift that comes straight from the heart; to say the least it can make any holiday celebration just a little more pleasant. The person who receives such a gift will spend hours and even days going through it. By so doing, he or she will be taking a trip down memory lane. Some of the images contained may be from birthdays long past, weddings, recitals among a host of other life’s momentous events.To say the least, it can be extremely engrossing.

Scrapbooking is a process that has evolved quite significantly over the years. Back in the day people would put photos under transparent plastic layers or glue them on stiff paper boards to create a collage. Today, Scrapbooking is taken quite seriously and some even consider it an independent art form. The good news is that you do not have to be some sort of Picasso to create your own scrapbook successfully. All you need are the correct tools and a dash of patience.

Some of the items you will require for this project include: cutting tools such as blades and scissors – these will be used to sculpt those beautiful edges. You will also require a number of papers; obviously these will act as the individual pages for the scrapbook. It is on these that you will stick the various bits and pieces of memorabilia such as stamps, photos, postcards etc. It is recommended that the entire family takes part in creating a digital scrapbook. The memories that will be reawakened during this project will definitely leave everybody feeling wonderful.

If you are not too sure about where to start, then you will be happy to know that there are quite a number of websites where help is available. Some localities also have scrapbooking classes where people from all walks of life can acquire useful tips for the same. Classified ads can also prove quite helpful; in fact you will be surprised at just how many people there are out there who are offering their scrapbooking services.

Another option for preserving your memories is to go digital. Simply get all your photos, postcards etc, have them scanned and then burnt on DVD. You can either do this yourself or enlist the services of a professional. Once all your memories are on DVD you can create as many soft copy backups as possible consequently eliminating the chances of losing them.


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