The Role Of A Business Broker In Marketing Your Business

It is the aim of every business owner to sell commodities at the highest possible price. However, this may seem impossible if you know little or nothing about selling a business. If you are in this category, the best option for you is to hire a business broker. Business brokers make sales fast and convenient for the seller because they already have a list of potential buyers who are waiting for a call about the next available deal. On the other hand, if you strongly feel you can do it without a business broker, then you may want to sign up with websites where you can list your properties for a small fee. Even if you do this, it is still not out of place to contact a business broker as a combination of the two yields great results.

The first people that will be of help in your search for a good business broker are your friends and family. There is a chance that one or two of them have relationships with business brokers they would like to share with you. Don’t ignore testimonies of people who have had personal encounters. You can also get help from your lawyer, business accountant or colleague at work.

Just like you want to get the best from your business, a potential buyer also hopes to buy at the best price. This is why you need a broker with experience. Don’t commit yourself to any broker completely until you are sure there are no recent claims against the company.  They should also be willing to give you contacts of those they have helped in the past to sell their businesses. You should try and meet the clients in private and ask them questions about their experience with the broker. It will be more helpful if you contact someone who has sold the kind of business you have for sale.

businessbroker_thumbs_upAlso endeavor to find out if the broker works full time or part time. It is better to work with a full time Brisbane business broker because of the wealth of experience he or she may have. A full time broker is always alert to know existing market trends and probably make right forecasts for future prices. Such brokers can give you more accurate price of your business but you are still encouraged to ask other people who are knowledgeable in the field. A lawyer, an accountant or private business evaluation company can give you an idea about what you should expect.

The intention to sell your business should be kept secret. This will ensure your staff remain loyal to you and your regular clients retain confidence in patronizing you. Another reason you should do this is to maintain the relationship you have with your suppliers. They will avoid supplies if they discover your intention. This is something you should avoid especially if you depend on them for credit. You must let your business broker know this on time and sign the confidential papers. Any buyer who proposes interest in the business must also sign the papers.

You will have to pay broker fees but this should be after the sales. Brokers usually get 8% to 15% of the selling price. Do not make the mistake of paying upfront to a broker even if he or she compels you. The truth is that such a broker lacks the confidence of being successful in the task.


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