Unique Corporate Gifts for Business Customers

Businesses give corporate gifts for a number of reasons. It may be a show of appreciation to the very loyal customers thanking them for their patronage, or marketing strategy to promote the brand. It could also be a way of solidifying a business relationship with business partners.

Whatever the reason behind the “show of love”, it is essential to make the gift project the image of the business and say what the business can offer. You however want to do this professionally and in a positive manner even as you try to make the whole thing as interesting as possible.

There are several ways of making a statement with corporate gifts and making sure the gifts stay in the memory of the recipients for a very long time. Some of the unique ideas as regards corporate gifts are discussed below.

Pottery Cups

Not just pottery cups, but the handmade ones can stand your business out from the competition.

Coffee mugs have been largely used as corporate gifts but a cup specially crafted from a local potter can be very distinct and will surely be appreciated by everyone that comes in contact with it.

This is particularly great as an addition to a coffee gift basket and you can have the name of your business, a special message, and the theme of season printed on the cup.

Gift Boxes

More than just giving a gift, having your corporate gifts packed in customized gift boxes does not only add something special to the package, it makes the recipients want to open it almost immediately it is received.

Imagine the beauty, prestige, and uniqueness that comes with having your company logo on the lid of the gift box is simply perfect. It is a good way to represent and present your brand and it will surely cement your brand in the mind’s of your customers and even help promote it to potential customers. Be sure that the gift in the box matches the packaging as you do not want to leave the recipient disappointed after opening the gift box.

Other corporate gifts that are not only unique but will be very well appreciated by the recipients, and would also help promote your brand and build a positive image include customized wines, and some technology gifts.

It is very easy to have your brand name and logo on a wine bottle and you can be sure that the recipient will appreciate it. This is particularly common in corporate events and gatherings.

Technology gifts such as USB sticks are also unique corporate gifts and they are very useful, meaning that the recipient will continuously appreciate it and often time carrying it out, serving as a form of promotion for your brand.

As a business, you could decide on a combination of these gifts or just select a particular one. But either way, ensure that your gift is not too cheap that it defeats the of uniqueness and giving a good impression.


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